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Get back to nature

If you are like most people, your phone wakes you up with an alarm each morning, you look online while drinking your morning coffee for all the news you missed while sleeping, you spend the majority of your 8+-hour work day looking at a computer, text or call family/friends throughout the day, you catch up on the days’ news once you get home and then maybe watch some TV or play games on your phone before going to bed. There’s very little time that most people are not connected to technology each day. Then we complain of headaches, backaches, poor sleep and just feeling run down.

Studies show that getting out into nature helps improve cognitive function, reduces stress and improves sleep. It can improve memory (which declines with poor sleep and stress) and improves focus. The benefits of getting out in nature are enormous on a person’s mental health. This is where Overland America can help!

Overland America rents Jeeps/Broncos specifically customized to get people out into nature! We want to help you disconnect from phones/computers, reconnect with family/friends, reduce stress and increase your overall sense of well-being. This is our primary mission and the reason why we all got into this business. The world gets a little brighter when we aren’t focusing on what’s right in front of our face but rather taking in the big, beautiful picture that this world encompasses.

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