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Black Hills Location

Our Custom Offroading Jeeps

The Overland Trailer

The Colorado Backcountry Trailers are built for rugged individualists. They are all produced in a facility just outside Boulder, CO. It is the ideal location for some real-world product testing. Each trailer passes rigorous testing and meets exceedingly high quality-control standards before it is trail-ready. They use custom fabrication technology to bring the latest overlanding visions to life for the customer. Key features include: 4-6 person tent, stove, fridge/freezer combo, shower, electrical connections, awning, off-road tires, and suspension.

Vehicle Prices

  • 2-Door Half-Day (4hrs) $300
  • 2-Door Full-Day (8hrs) $425
  • 4-Door Half-Day (4hrs) $355
  • 4-Door Full-Day (8hrs) $475
  • Bronco Half-Day (4hrs) $395
  • Bronco Full-Day (8hrs) $525
  • Gladiator Half-Day (4hrs) $395
  • Gladiator Full-Day (8hrs) $525
  • Gladiator w/ Tent (Overnight) $600
  • Overland Trailer (Overnight) $150
  • Jeep & Trailer (Overnight) $625
  • Jeep & Trailer (Multi-Day) $600

Equipment Prices

  • Backpack Tents $11/day
  • Coolers $20/day
  • Folding Bag Chairs $5/day
  • Propane Campfires $20/day
  • Fishing Pole $5/day
  • Sleeping Bags $30/each
  • Small Propane $9/each
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