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Camping Trailer Rentals

The Black Hills of South Dakota are home to a variety of wildlife and feature many spectacular landscapes that provide a calming escape into nature for visitors to the northern Midwest. With camping trailer rentals provided by Overland America, you spend some time within the national parks and natural areas of the Black Hills while viewing the majestic scenery of nature within the safety and comfort of a camping trailer.
With a camping trailer, you can travel to remote areas of South Dakota, hike around the Black Hills, and view some of the sights at a leisurely pace, then come back to the trailer to spend a relaxing evening under a starry South Dakota sky. You can also stay out of inclement weather such as rain showers, high winds, and humid temperatures without worrying about bugs and insects wanting to join you in the Black Hills.

By renting a camping trailer, you can store more provisions with you and conveniently keep them out of reach of wandering wildlife who may stumble upon your campsite while you are away hiking around the Black Hills.

The Black Hills spans an area of nearly 8,426 square miles and showcases a wide variety of landscapes and natural habitats. The region is also home to a diverse history of Native American and Old West cultures. Seeing all that the Black Hills has to offer can be a time-consuming venture. Overland America can help you make the most of your Black Hills visit with our camping trailer rentals.

When you rent a camping trailer from Overland America, you get a solid, secure recreational vehicle that you can take comfort in and that will keep you protected from the elements. Check out our Black Hills camping guide and trail system ratings guide.

Guests that are interested in renting one of our camping trailers must be at least 25 years old. We offer different pricing options depending on the duration of your rental period.

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